Movie review: G.I. Joe… (2009)

G.I. Joe: The Rise of  Cobra (2009)
Director: Stephen Sommers

I recently saw this film on DVD and I have to say that there were some nice points such as some of the character portrayals, action sequences but I believe it could have been better.

Let’s start off with what I liked about the film

The actors who played Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett and  Zartan seemed to fit.  The nods to the old toy ads and cartoon were a nice touch. I enjoyed the Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow flashback sequences and I felt that the ninjas saved the film from being a total letdown.  I listened to the commentary track and found it to be insightful at points.

Now for what didn’t work

The powersuit sequence really seemed out of place. It  felt more like a superhero film like Iron Man and the Joes still couldn’t catch up to the the bad guys in time to stop the weapon from launching. The Baroness/Duke pairing didn’t seem like a good match at all. The whole brainwashing sub-plot made me hate the pairing even more.

Closing Thoughts

It was worth the rental but I don’t see myself adding it to the collection.    I know this is based off a toy line and I was probably expecting a little too much. I just hope the sequel is better since the major characters are in place.

Additional Information:

Wikipedia Page
Official Site


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