Media Share on AT&T U-verse

There’s this feature called Media Share that I recently noticed when I was going through the menus and decided to give it a try.

First, you need to make sure that the computer(s) sharing/streaming the content has Media Sharing enabled.

On Windows XP with Media Player 11
Guide for the Vista User

U-verse receiver

The AT&T receiver acts as a Media Extender. Pushing the data (audio and images) from the computer, transmitting  it onto the TV screen via the U-verse home network.

Running the Media Share mode takes a few steps, first you want to press the Menu button on your AT&T Remote and then follow the path below:

Interactive>More Interactive…
Select Photos and Media (Media Share).

What happens next is that the receiver will contact the computer(s) sharing the content and then you need to go to those computers and allow the receiver access to your media.

The next step is that the Media Share app will load and display a list of computers that are currently connected to the network and sharing files/folders.  You can then browse by Photos or Audio

I only tested MP3 and jpeg files and the receiver was able to read the album and artist information off of each file. Unfortunately, no matter how many times I tried, album art doesn’t register on screen.  The background during media playback is quite bland and you can’t change it.

Q: How will I know which AT&T receiver is which?
A: The Receivers have a unique  MAC (physical) Address. The address format looks like: xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx

Q: What files are accessible by the receivers?
A: Only the files/folders added to the library in Windows Media Player 11 are accessible to the receivers

It works but some bugs need to be fixed. I don’t think the Apple Mac is supported.



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