Apps of Interest: TaggedFrog

Use: File Tagging/Management
Platform: Windows
Current version: 1.0.4

TaggedFrog main window

Main Window

I was looking for a simple way to manage my media and documents by file extensions, topics, and sources. I was lucky enough to find this.

It’s a drag and drop application, where you can drag a few files or even entire folders. You can add custom categories (known as filters) with sort by file extensions such as “.mp3”,  “.mp4”, “.rtf”. You can rename the category headings to whatever you want which allows you to customize it a bit. You can add or remove extensions on each filter.

Image previews are possible but all other file types it only seems to allow for an icon representation.

Here are some extra screenshots of app.

manual add dialog box

Add dialog box

Manual add tagging dialog box

Add dialog box: Tags

System Resources

It all depends on how many files you want the app to process in a given batch. I’ve seen memory usage range from 12 MBs to 50 MBs.


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