Apps of Interest: RocketDock

Use: Application Launcher
Platform: Windows
Current version: 1.3.5

I was looking for a replacement to the built-in Windows Quick launch toolbar. I found this through a friend’s recommendation and was pleasantly surprised to know that it is customizable via add-ons.

Using RocketDock is quite simple and fun. Drag shortcuts onto the app to add items and drag items off the application to remove items. The Dock can be positioned on the desktop in the following ways:

Top (Horizontal)
Bottom (Horizontal)
Left (Vertical)
Right (Vertical)
You’ll also be happy to know that if you use two monitors you can specify which monitor the dock will use.

The following can be found in the About section of the Dock settings dialog box…

“RocketDock is developed by an Apple fanboy and fangirl on OS X.
Consider it as a peace offering from the Mac community to you.

Together we can end the OS persecution. 🙂

The Punk Software Team”

System Resources:
15-20 MBs of RAM

It’s a really good application if you want something a little more visually appealing than the Windows quick launch.


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