Zynga’s web games

Yes, I play.  It actually started when a “friend” of mine on Facebook, sent me an invitation to Play Mafia Wars.  I didn’t really take the time to think up of a nickname but somehow I found myself clicking on these buttons, and leveling up.”My Mafia” is really quite small and so I don’t really get the full effect of the game ( Mafia attacking another mafia). Aside from the timers, the game seems to be just static pages.

I got a different invitation to a game called Cafe World.  This game uses Animations and Sounds via Flash (Player).  You create a virtual avatar and run a virtual cafe by having your character move and perform actions via the mouse.  It’s alright but you really have to time things out (When to serve a dish, when to make more, cleaning).  I’d probably play The Sims if I really wanted to be doing that.  Haven’t really been there in a while so the virtual cafe must look like a mess.

I ran Farmville once but never really got into.  Just not my type of game I guess.

Lucky for me, I’ve never been tempted to give Zynga real world money. I just don’t get it.


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