The RAM: Restaurant & Brewery

The RAM: Restaurant & Brewery
1901 McConnor Parkway
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Another first time dining experience for me. Decided to go there before the lunchtime crowd and it made a difference since I didn’t have to wait that long to be seated.

Sat at a booth near a Giant flat screen TV and bar. The tables closer to the bar were reserved at the time for a fairly sizable party of people.  I had the Garlic Swiss burger with a side of house fries and beans.  It was very delicious and filling. The entire experience was a positive one. The service was good, the food was tasty but I didn’t have any room for dessert. Perhaps next time.

The real high point of the entire experience was actually the Rootbeer that I ordered for my beverage. That tall mug of rootbeer really had flavor and went down smooth.  I like my rootbeer (mainly A&W and IBC) but the one found at The RAM just took the top spot in my book.

Had a great time and will definitely go there again.



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