Apps of Interest: AMP WinOff

Use: Schedule system shutdown/reboot/Log off
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current Version: 4.55

Main Window

I’ve returned to running Folding @ Home and I was looking for a way to leave my computer on for a few hours longer after I go to sleep. Someone pointed me to this app.

It can shutdown/reboot/lock your computer at a specific time or after a certain number of hours and minutes pass. You can also have the action performed immediately but you could do that from Windows itself. Another thing to note is that you can modify the amount of time the “shutdown” dialog box appears on screen so it performs the action quicker once the event is triggered  or you can set it so you will have enough time to cancel the event.  Just click the screenshot above to get a better view of the main options available.

Here are a few more screenshot for the application:

General Options

Administrative Options tab

You get the usual control options in the system tray/notification area of the Windows taskbar

  • Configure: Opens the window to change the application’s settings
  • Activate Shutdown: Enables the timed shutdown event
  • Deactivate Shutdown: Disables the timed shutdown event
  • Shutdown now: Perform a system shutdown, reboot, lock immediately

This is really working quite well for me but I found something out while testing it. If you “Lock this computer” Amp WinOff can’t seem to perform the scheduled task even if you are running the application as an Administrator. It could be because of something in Windows Vista but I’m not too sure.



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