Netgear Digital Entertainer Live

Netgear Digital Entertainer Live
Model: EVA2000

It works but I could never get higher resolution video to playback through the device.

It’s a fairly small box so finding space for it shouldn’t be too difficult. The included power adapter only takes up one outlet. The unit supports composite (cable included) or HDMI (cable not included) out for video output to your TV. If you’re using an HDTV then you should definitely go for HDMI, for maximum image quality and for the fact that Audio and Video transmit though that single cable. There are also 2 USB ports for you to plug in a Flash drive or an external Hard Drive. Netgear sells an optional Wireless adapter that attaches via the USB ports. The unit comes with a built-in Ethernet port so you can easily add it to your existing home network. It comes with a remote control (don’t lose it).

Now that the exterior of the device, it’s time to go into what it can do once it’s all setup and attached to the Internet. It has support for Youtube, so you can watch your favorite videos on there. You can also link you Youtube account (if you have one) to the device. This gives you access to your “Favorite” videos, playlists and subscriptions. If you have Windows Media Player 11 or higher installed your computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7) you can stream audio and video from your networked computers to the Netgear EVA2000, out to the TV if the following is true:

1) The Netgear EVA2000 is attached to the home network
2) The Computers are attached to the same network, set to share the media they have ( I tried it through Windows Media Player’s Media Share feature)
3) The computer(s) have to stay powered on and connected to network to stream the content

I had absolute no issues streaming the supported audio file types to the TV. See the Product page link below for details on supported file types and other system requirements. The only supported image files are JPEG and that worked for me as well. What I had a difficult time trying playback was most of the Video files I had stored on my computer. The file types were supported but I guess it didn’t like how they were encoded (Video resolution and bit rate).  I’m not going to re-encode the files just to get it to work for this one device.

The unit also comes with a Disc that has the installer for the PlayOn Media Server. You install it on one of your networked computers and it will act as a streaming media server for popular services like Hulu and Netflix, Amazon on Demand  (You need to have accounts  for each service you wish to use). It supports plug-ins for other services/sites like Revision3, for example.

The device is useful since it has access to the popular services , control via remote, audio streaming, support for external hard drives (USB), support for a lot of different audio and video formats.  The video resolution support is pretty bad it seems, even though the device itself supports a 1280x720p output. Perhaps there will be a future (online) update to resolve this issue.


Additional Information:
Product Page
Buy from Amazon

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