Apps of Interest: Google Reader

Use: RSS Feed reader
Plaform: Online, via web browser

I was looking for a way to manage my numerous RSS Feed subscriptions and so I decided to try this out. One of Google’s many online services and I find it to be quite useful even if I’ve only been using it for a week or so.  It works like your your usual desktop RSS Feed Readers except you will need a Google user account. Feeds can be renamed, sorted into folders and articles can be “shared”.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to get used to if you’ve used a desktop client like FeedReaderFeedDemon or something similar.  One other feature that I like on Google Reader is the “More like this…” feature which gives you a list of a few other feeds that touch on the same topic. The service also allows you to import/export your existing subscription list (OPML file).  I mainly use it to keep my Tech feeds (news/reviews/ features) as well as track when a “podcast” I listen to releases a new episode.  Go ahead and give it a try, since it accessed via you web browser it doesn’t matter what OS your on.



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