Thoughts on: Cave Story

This game definitely feels like it was inspired by Metroid . I’m still playing through it at the moment but you can really see the influence. Everthing from the weapons, energy tanks and save rooms. It was originally released in 2004 and was  Japanese only but a fan translation patch was released the following year by Aeon Genesis.

You actually start off the game with no weapons, however you do find your first weapon soon after you start the game. You can power up the weapons by collecting these triangular energy items that enemies leave behind, once defeated.  I’ve acquired the pistol, flame weapon and missile launcher. The Save system uses the old Save room. Where you can save your progress and sometimes refill your health and ammo. The graphics and sounds of the game are very retro, sprite based designs.

Definitely worth a try considering it’s only going to take up 4-5 MBs (Windows port) of hard drive space  and no need to install the game in the traditional sense.  An updated version of the game was released for WiiWare at a price but there are the free versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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