Parasite Eve (1997)

Parasite Eve (1997)
Director: Masayuki Ochiai

The film is based off of a book by Hideaki Sena. It was originally published in Japan 2 years before this film.

The film revolves around a A scientist who is studying Mitochondria and all seems well. His wife ends up in a car accident and then that’s where the film starts getting strange. The scientist starts acting obsessive over his work which eventually leads to the formation of a being named Eve.  She can set people on fire and eventually float to move around instead of walking.  If that wasn’t strange enough, Eve takes the form of the scientist’s wife and they “make love” in order to create an offspring.  The last part of the film is all about trying to contain Eve.

I haven’t read the book yet but it has been translated into english by Vertical.  I may pick it up at some point to see if the book ends differently from the film.

Additional  Info:

Wikipedia page
IMDB page



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