Apps of Interest: Can You Run it?

Use: PC game system requirements evaluation tester
Platform: MS Windows (via web browser & Java/ActiveX)
Current Version: ?

This web application is useful for the PC gamers/enthusiasts.  It runs through your Web browser (IE, Firefox) via Java (JRE) and a small downloaded file.  It’s really simple to use, just select a game listed in the pull down menu and then click the button “CAN YOU RUN IT?”.

The little app will then proceed to scan your computer for the required hardware/software information and then it generates a report in the form of a two-tab web page. One tab will be for verifying that your computer meets the minimum system requirements and the other tab will be for verifying if you meet the recommended system requirements.

It’s very useful, since it saves the user a few steps and allows them to begin downloading/installing the game sooner. It may not have every game ever made but it does have a lot of the most popular current games.

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