Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In
205 South Rand road
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

Another first for me and I certainly found it to be a unique experience. You drive into the lot and park in one of the parking spaces. You place your orders via the standard drive-thru  method (a menu board with a built-in speaker/microphone system).

I decided to have something fairly safe with a Cheeseburger & fries combo. The orders were brought outside by servers on roller skates and trays that hang onto the window of your vehicle.  When your done eating, just hit the order button and a server will come by to pick up your tray. The burger was tasty but it didn’t seem to have anything too uncommon and the fries were alright. The convenience of not having to leave your vehicle to order and eat was really quite nice

The Sonic Blast is definitely worth a shot. You can also get hotdogs, sandwiches, other items there which I’ll try next time I get the chance.  Here is a link to the menu selection.

Additional Info:
Wikipedia page



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