Wolff’s Flea Market

Wolff’s Flea Market
1775 North Rand Road
Palatine IL, 60074

I was quite excited to visit this place and I hadn’t been to a flea market in a long time. The indoor location did have quite a few stalls and there was one stall in particular that had a few items that interested me. They had the old gaming systems such as the SNES, Genesis, Sega Saturn, N64  system units and carts. While browsing around the entire floor I did see other pieces of  Technology.  There were older computers, cellphones, audio systems and miscellaneous computer parts. I highly doubt that warranties and refunds are valid with those vendors.

There were food stalls but I didn’t really try them out. Other things I saw were t-shirts, toys, books and more. Problem was there was nothing a really wanted to purchase and take home. Sure some of this was interesting to look at or inquire about but not really more than that.  Perhaps going on a different day may help and visiting the outdoor location in Rosemont, IL would give me better items to choose from.



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