Pocky Dessert: Chocolat Fromage

Pocky Dessert Chocolate Fromage -Box art from Amazon

I happened to find this flavor when I recently stopped by a local Asian supermarket and found this particular flavor stocked on the shelf and decided to pick up 1 box to try it out.

When I opened the box I found 4 sealed, see-through packets. Each packet contained 3 sticks. Having the Pocky sealed in different packets makes it extremely easy to share with others ( friends and strangers alike) and that’s always been one of the reasons why I liked Pocky in general.

Each stick is standard  length coated with a thin layer of cream (the Fromage?) and an outer layer of chocolate. If you’ve ever had any of the previous Dessert series Pocky than you’ll have a good idea of how the chocolate is laid on each stick.  I looked through the ingredients and found out that there is cheese power and citrus on them. I like cheese but I had a unpleasant experience with the Chocolate Orange flavor.

For some reason I found this combination to be quite enjoyable. It could be that the citrus flavor doesn’t overpower the chocolate and the chocolate also had a nice thickness to it. I barely tasted any cheese though, which is a shame but in the end I have a very positive opinion of this flavor.

Additional Info:
Asian Food Grocer



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