Apps of Interest: Sumatra PDF

Use: PDF reader/viewer
Platform:  Microsoft Windows
Current version: 1.1

Main Window

With Document open

When it comes to PDF readers the features found here a quite minimal.

  • Zoom & fit
  • Bookmarks
  • Find text in documents
  • Print
  • Copy selection
  • Rotate

The document I used in the screen capture above was the June 2010 issue of the  Maximum PC magazine.  While reading through the issue my memory usage ranged from 40 MB, to just under 80MB. The application itself only takes up 1.6 MB of hard drive space.

The application is available in two forms. Installer and Portable. The portable (in a zip file) version allows you carry a PDF reader on a USB flash drive, useful if you need to open a PDF document on a different computer but you don’t want to  install additional software. Its supports quite a few languages for the menus.

It’s a nice little, open-source, alternative to Adobe Reader.



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