New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game is an amazingly fun side-scrolling title. It carries elements from Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario World, while also adding new power-ups and gameplay mechanics thanks to the Nintendo Wii.

Here’s some gameplay video

It has the classic 8 worlds,  mini-game stages, fortresses, castles, airships, Ghost houses, above ground, underground, water, lava desert, ice. As far as characters go, the Koopa kids, Bowser, and Yoshi are all here. This game has support for up to 4 players and it’s a lot of fun because you can pick up other players and toss them  across gaps or into enemies. Players can also jump on top of each other. The playable characters are Mario, Luigi, and two toads.

The new power-ups are fun to use.
Ice flower allows you to throw ice ball that freeze most enemies on contact. The Propeller hat allows  the  player to fly up off the ground/surface or plafrom.  It can be combined with a jump to gain more height. The Penguin suit allows you to shoot ice balls like the ice flower but it adds the ability to slide and icy surfaces are less slippery.

The addition of false walls was an interesting touch. The final castle really surprised me with the whole chase sequence but it was fun.  I’ve already beaten the game  but  I haven’t found all the special coins. There’s also that “Super Guide” feature where if you die five times on the same stage then a green box appears and if you hit it you can let Luigi show you how to beat the stage. I admit I had to use it a few times in the Ice world and world 8.

Definitely a good game for Mario fans who liked the earlier Super Mario games.

Additional Info:
Game Official site
Wikipedia Entry



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