Apps of Interest: Windows Live Photo Gallery

Use: Image Viewer
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current version: 2009 (14.0.8117.416)

Main Window Windows Vista

This free download is an upgrade to Windows Photo Gallery, the software introduced with Windows Vista. The newer version includes noticeable improvements such as the horizontal zoom slider,  re-arranged button placements, The clean Windows Live “look and feel” of the UI. It is part of the Windows Live Essential Suite.

One neat thing I noticed about the tagging feature is that you can now tag people to  your photos/images.  This makes it a lot easier to sort through your collection and group photos of  your friends and family members.  A lot of  the features from Windows Photo Gallery carry over, Captions, and descriptive tags. One odd thing is that there’s a resize option when you right-click on a thumbnail in your

Another item to take note of is that the application doesn’t seem to be able to use its “fix” options on PNG formatted images. JPEG files are alright though. Windows Live Photo Gallery adds new fix options like straighten, adjust detail, and a  “black and white effects” option. Auto adjust, Adjust exposure, crop picture and Fix Red Eye are still there.

It also seems to able to read/display camera information if the info is available on the image file.  Lastly E-mail, Print and Make (CD/ DVD and video) options are still around. When you run the installer, you have the option of installing the entire Windows Live essential suite, but in my case I only found the new Windows Live Photo Galley to be of any interest.

Additional Info:
Windows Live Essentials main page
Sample images source (Moé Passion blog)



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