Bristol Renaissance Faire

Bristol Renaissance Faire
12550 120th Ave.
Kenosha, WI 53142

I went to see what this was all about and it was definitely a fun, entertaining, and odd experience. As luck would have it I got to see the “Queen” make her entrance on horseback, near the front gate. Once you step inside the entrance gate, you see fellow visitors, townsfolk in period clothing, dirt  walkways, open-air shops and food stalls, rides, and performance stages. Since you will be  walking and sitting  around outdoors it would be best to go clothed in something comfortable, since you won’t have access to air conditioning, even perhaps bringing some rain protection. Thankfully, it didn’t rain while I was there. Don’t forget to pickup a newspaper before you go in, there’s a map of the grounds inside  that you may find useful.

Shops, shops, and more shops!  From clothing, weapons, canes, jewelery and various other crafts. I didn’t really buy anything but I did see a cane that looked interesting though. There were plenty of food stalls but all I could build up courage for was potato crisps. There was a place selling wooden toy catapults.

There’s entertainment, from the Queen’s show, a comedy show but you should stay for the Jousting. Depending on where you sit, you will be assigned a certain warrior  to cheer for during the show. The Queen attends the show and it’s just fun seeing these warriors on horseback hitting targets and then going against  one another.  It’s definitely worth going to at least once.

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Wikipedia Entry



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