Apps of Interest: Dexpot

Use: Virtual Desktop Manager
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current Version: 1.5.7

Dexpot Desktop (Iconic) Preview

I began using this app because I usually had several explorer windows open and wanted a better way to organize them. If you’ve ever used any of the popular Linux distros like Ubuntu for example, then you’ve had access to this feature for quite some time now. What Virtual Desktops allow you to do is to sort and separate Explorer and Application Windows into their own desktop space. I don’t really have room for 2 physical monitors on my desk, so this is the closest thing  for now. I also remember that Nvidia Video drivers used to include similar type of software built-in to the Forcware control panel but they just disappeared for some reason.

The application gives you a default of 4 Desktops to work with but you can change the setting to 2 desktops or as high as 20 desktops. As soon as the application starts an icon appears in the system tray/notification area.  This is how you can access the more advanced configuration setting to customize your experience.  I like having the Desktop Preview windows visible with Iconic Preview enabled. This makes organizing Virtual desktops as easy as drag and drop.

The above screenshot is an example of how I personally like to use it. All applications on one desktop and then most Explorer Windows on another desktop. This helped keep my Windows Taksbar (area immediately to the right of the start button)  a little tidier. The application itself doesn’t seem to take too many system resources to use.  The application only used around  4 MBs of RAM and took less than 8 MBs of Hard disk space while setting up for this post.  The only really thing you would have to worry about is having enough System Memory to have all these applications open.   I’ve used this on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista with no problems.  I’m still not sure how well this works for Windows 7 due to the big changes with the taskbar.

Even if I had multiple monitors I’d still use this app.



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