Japanese Microsoft Windows 7 Mascot?

Personification of an Operating System? I didn’t believe at first,  but the Japanese have done it quite a few times. They’re called OS-tan.

From The wikipedia entry:

The OS-tan are an Internet phenomenon or meme that originated within the Japanese Futaba Channel. The OS-tan are the moe anthropomorphism/personification of several operating systems by various amateur Japanese artists. The OS-tan are typically depicted as women, with the OS-tan representative of Microsoft Windows operating systems usually depicted as sisters of varying ages.

The one that represents Windows 7 even has a name… Nanami Madobe. The video is actually just an Anime-like promotional video for Windows 7 and DIY computer builds. I found it odd yet interesting at the same time.

Addititional Info:
Japanator post about  Win 7 OS-tan



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