Old Games: Tie Fighter (95)

Somehow this game runs on Windows Vista SP2 32-bit just fine after a few setting adjustments.
You install the game in the usual manner via a setup wizard. After the install is fully complete, create a shortcut (if you didn’t do so during the install process) and then get to its properties window by using the right-click menu as shown below

The only thing you need to touch here is in the Compatibility tab. Set the mode to 98/Windows Me. Click Apply and the OK to save the setting. This actually works to fool the program into thinking you’re running the game from a Windows 9x/ME system and not Windows NT.

Run the game via the modified shortcut you just made/set
Note: If you didn’t change that setting above you will receive a prompt asking if you wish to install Direct X 5 which actually does nothing. It will continue to block you from starting the game until you make the change above.  One the game starts, there one other setting change you might need to make. Everytime I tried to enter a mission the game would crash. Didn’t matter if It was a combat simulation, or the main campaign.  The fix was that I had to go into the in-game settings (by pressing the Esc key) and placing  the graphics setting to 640×480 16-bit (non 3D Hardware Accelerated).

I’ve read that there’s a patch that you can get, but since I got it to work, why bother with a patch.

I forgot how loud the cockpit of a TIE fighter can get! and my gamepad just worked once I set the game to use joystick. Lucasarts needs to make an updated version of these games, adding in Naboo fighters, Jedi starfighters and other craft that I missed. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Additional Info:

Wikipedia Entry
Game footage on Youtube


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