Thoughts on WordPress: Year 1

This blog has been here for a year and I’m really surprised that I’m still posting quite regularly. My early thoughts of the  Wordpress service were quite positive. After this first year of using the service, I can say for certain that this has been the best blogging experience I’ve had so far!

During first year I’ve been making various changes to the layout of my blog a few times…

  • Changing/testing themes
  • Trying out various sidebar widgets  (search box, Adding links, RSS feed, Twitter feed)
  • Turning on Post sharing options

I’m really fond of embedding Youtube videos, thanks to my “VGM” entries, where I post about Video Game related songs that interest or entertain me. Screenshots are another thing I like to add from time to time, mainly for my Apps of Interest posts. Tags and categories are easier for me to add or apply.

There are things I’d like to improve upon or try to maintain…
I need to get myself a Digital camera so I can improve my snack/food related posts. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this 5 posts per month minimum going. Perhaps adding a new category? Looking forward to another fun year with this service next year.



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