Apps of Interest: Peazip

Use: Archive and file manager
Platform: Microsoft Windows, Linux
Current Version: 3.6

Main Window, on Microsoft Windows

Quoted from the developer’s site…

PeaZip is a free archiver, available as portable and installable software for Windows and Linux.

Extract ACE, ARJ, CAB, DMG, ISO, LHA, RAR, UDF and many more file formats
PeaZip allows to create, convert and extract multiple archives at once…

This is an excellent, free, alternative if you use WinZip . I can certainly see the the Linux influence in the application. Terms like “Computer’s root” and “Halt system when job completes” were the obvious ones I noticed. The app works perfectly fine on the Windows OS. Windows (XP, Vista and 7) does have basic zip support but I prefer having a specialized app like this installed. It only takes up 11 MBs of hard drive space and that’s not so bad. Memory and CPU usage depend on factors such as format, file size.

Creating new archive, options

  • Format options- Pull down menu allows you to choose which archive format you wish to make (.zip, .7z, and the other formats mentioned above)
  • The Pull down menu to the right allows you to split an archive into various “standard” sizes  like CD, DVD, Floppy Disk and a custom size
  • The padlock icon allows you to set a password. This will secure all the files inside the archive. Allows for filename encryption depending  on the format you choose
  • Add each object to a separate archive –  If you selected a few files to add into an archive, this option allows you to make a separate archive for each file
  • Append timestamp to archive name – This will add the date and time to the filename of the created archive(s)

Creating new (Zip) archive, advanced options

I don’t really touch anything in this tab, except for the compression level sometimes. It helps to make the resulting archive smaller in file size. The encryption option seems only have one setting. The strong AES 256-bit. Function will be set to new archive, when creating a new archive, the other two setting are for when you add files to an existing archive. Multi-Core processors are supported (Threads), helps the process finish faster by using as much of your processing power as you want it to.  Note that creating RAR archives is not supported, therefore adding/updating .rar files is not possible. you will see a message similar to screenshot below. You can still read/view/extract  them, so that’s better then no support at all. If you need to create .rar archives then you can download and install the WinRAR trialware.

Creating/Updating .rar files not supported

Password Protecting archive

This is the dialog box that pops up when you hit the padlock icon. Type in the password (twice) and hit OK to apply the setting. Encrypting filenames is supported by some of the archive formats.

Creating new (Zip) archive processing status

This gives you the general idea of what it looks like when the app is creating the archive. Explore will open a window to where the finished archive is being created. Pause is useful if you need the process to wait. (You want the processing power freed up). Stop is the same as Abort/Cancel. You can click the icon on the lower left of the window to set the priority level, as low as idle, to as high as Real Time

Creating new (Zip) archive Processing options

  • Halt system when job completes – If turned on via the checkbox, the computer will shutdown once the archive has been created, updated or extracted. Use it with caution!
  • Open Output path when job completes –  An Explorer window will open to where the file(s) were made when job completes

I usually encounter these archive files  as device driver downloads, portable applications, freeware games, image packs ( avatars and wallpapers). As a free solution, this is a great application.



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