Thoughts on: Neverputt

Gameplay screenshot

Neverputt is a virtual Miniature golf game found in the Neverball Installation package. The current version (1.5.4) of the game comes with 7 courses of varying difficulty. Controls are simple and you can use your mouse or keyboard. A PC (USB) gamepad will work as well.

Keyboard controls:
Arrow up = decrease putting power
Arrow down = increase putting power
Arrow Left = rotate putting angle clockwise
Arrow Right = rotate putting angle counter-clockwise
Enter = Hits the ball
ESC = Pauses the game

Mouse controls
Moving mouse forward/backward = decreases/increases putting power
Moving Mouse left/right = changes putting angle accordingly

It’s a fun freeware game that only takes up 186 MB space on the hard drive, and 20 MBs of system memory. Just be careful that your ball doesn’t jump off the course…


Additonal Info:
Neverball/Neverputt website


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