Thoughts on Dragon Ball: Evolution

Dragon Ball: Evolution (2009)
Director: James Wong

This was an unforgettable viewing  for all the wrong reasons. There have been a few live-action adaptations of Dragon Ball (Magic Begins, “Korean-made”) but, this missed various points of the source material. With a budget of 30 Million dollars (and current Hollywood tech), I was hoping for something better.  Goku going to High School was a terrible idea, I didn’t like the whole “coming of age” prophecy theme the film had. Bulma should haven been the easiest character to portray onscreen. Tech geek, Capusle Corp items and the drive to get he Dragon Balls. Why did they have to add a “Lara Croft” personality to her?  Muten Roshi was portrayed alright, Wise, hints of a perverted side.  Piccolo just needed to be evil and he was.

I also can’t believe that this film received a video game tie-in. Fans are far better off playing Raging Blast . According to the Wikipedia entry for the film, it made it a slight profit. I hope they stick more closely to the source if they decide to make a sequel. Just watch this fan-made short featuring Gohan vs Android 17&18.   Watching the DB:E film once is more than enough.

Additional Info:
Wikipedia entry
IMDB page



One Comment on “Thoughts on Dragon Ball: Evolution”

  1. Ipodman says:

    Oh man… Dragonball Evolution was awful…

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