HP Pavilion Slimline Desktop s5610y

I came across this particular desktop computer model while doing some research for a few friends who wanted a new budget pc upgrade from their old Pentium 4 systems…

The specs of  this computer are as follows:

CPU: Athlon II X2 @ 3.0 Ghz
RAM: 3.0 GB DDR3
HDD: 640 GB SATA II 7200
Graphics: AMD Radeon 3000 (Onboard)
Sound: Realtek ALC 662 (Onboard)
Networking: 10/100 Ethernet LAN
Optical Drive: DVD/CD Writer
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Bundled USB Keyboard with media buttons and an optical USB mouse

Even though it screams budget pc, it’s perfectly for productivity and Home Theater usage. This is definitely not a gaming PC. The onboard graphics supports Windows 7 just fine and can easily handle a 19″ Monitor.  A monitor can be connected via the older VGA or the next-step up, DVI. The processor is more than capable of handling day to day tasks such as web surfing, Youtube, DVD watching, image viewing, music playback and other general tasks. Even 720p HD video should you encounter it. 3 Gigs of system memory is good to have since some of this will be used by the Onboard graphics solution. The 640 GB HDD is huge, easily fitting your pictures, music and documents. You can always purchase an external hard drive if needed. The DVD drive will  let you watch DVD movies, playback Audio CDs and burn (CD and DVD) discs of your own. Windows 7 Home Premium is a Wonderful Operating System. Absolutely better than Vista, in terms of speed and certain features. I did have to spend some time going over the various changes and new features of Win 7, since they were coming from Windows XP.

One nice thing about the  Tower unit itself is the “Slim” factor. It’s thin, and quite light. with a color scheme of black and silver making it easy to have it placed on a mobile caddy or even on top of your desk  (if you have the space).  The DVD/CD drive is a side loading tray. I personally don’t like those but It works just the same. The front panel has the standard USB  ports ( for portable media players and flash drives) and front audio out port if you want to use headphones for private listening. The front of the computer also features a card reader with support for most of different data cards you’ll ever encounter.

The only negative item I would have to point out is that you’ll have to upgrade the Power Supply Unit first if  you ever wish to upgrade to a dedicated Graphics card in the future. As usual the units come with all that pre-loaded software but that’s just the norm.  The users have had their units for a few months now have only positive this to say about their current computing experiences. Not only in terms of  speed/responsiveness, but also in terms of stability and security.



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