Thoughts on SDF Macross VOXP-Fan Extension

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross: Valkyrie Overdrive XP (Fan Extension) is a Space Simulator  game for the Microsoft Windows platform. The game is based on a Japanese animated TV series called Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. Valkyrie Overdrive was originally released in 2001, updated by the original developer(s) to support Windows XP and was later updated by fans, adding English and Spanish translations to menus. Support for Windows   Vista and 7 were also added. The fan updates (mods) helped to polish up the graphics of the game (unit models) but at a max resolution of 1024 x 768, this is not going to tax your system too much.

Game Main Menu on Windows Vista

  • Campaign- Play through a series of missions
  • Mission Custom- It’s a quickplay or skirmish mode with user chosen settings (time limit, number of allies and enemies, AI skill level, Weapon restrictions, victory condition)
  • Mission Network- Local or Online Multiplayer
  • Option Settings – Change  Control, Video and Sound settings
  • Return-  Exits screen
  • Quit- Exits game

The gameplay consists of the player controlling a transforming Fighter jet armed with a gunpod, and missiles. You engage in dogfights with enemy fighters or take on enemy motherships.  Each time you deal damage to an enemy unit or ship, you are awarded points (dealing the fatal blow awards you a star and a lot of points) that you can use to change your ship, change weapons or repair armor, resupply on fuel and weapons when you are docked inside your mothership.

The various transformation modes have their uses:

Fighter: Great for speeding toward and away from enemies.
Note:You’ll automatically turn into this mode when you use boosters.

Gerwalk: When you want forward movement but not a much as Fighter mode

Battroid: Used when shooting down incoming missiles, you can’t really move or fire missiles

Here’s an “in-flight” screenshot

Gameplay screenshot - Do You Remember Love? Mod in Fighter mode

  • Armor = Life meter
  • Fuel = Speed, drains faster if you use your boosters often
  • Bonus = Amount of points you have to spend on repairs and upgrades  (doesn’t carry over from mission to mission)
  • Vs Auto, Vs Missile = tells the targeting system to lock onto both motherships and smaller enemy units. Can be changed to target ships or target fighters only
  • “54 Sec” = elapsed time counter, since the mission/stage was started
  • Upper right section of the screenshot shows current weapon status (how much ammo you have left)
  • Lower left section shows you your speed (and if you’re using your boosters)

There is a Cockpit view for those who are interested. Even though a lot of the important menu items have been translated, sections such as Mission briefings and Character bios and in-flight communications have been left in Japanese. Since missions are either destroy all enemies or defend, this isn’t much of an issue.

Note: You may want to turn down your speaker volume before starting the video. That should provide a better feel for the game than me just trying to explain it. I really like the Do You Remember Love? mod (Even if the Robotech: Total Conversion looks better). Changing in-game music is as simple as overwriting a set of .wav files inside the game’s music folder.

I’ve never been able to get the online multiplayer to work, but sure looks fun. This is more for fans of Macross/Robotech but if that’s you then, you should play this game at least once.

Additional Info:

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Wikipedia entry
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Anime News Network entry



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