Bad signal strength: Over-the-air

This will just be a short little rant about how bad the Over-the-air DTV signal is at my place of residence. Living in the Chicago suburbs I was hoping for far better reception of channels. The HDTV + (basic) Digital Antenna are placed on the lower level of a 2-level home. The Antenna is stacked on 4 empty retail boxes and near  window.  Here’s a list of the broadcast channels I can actually watch:





A few other foreign language channels were also picked up. When I tried adjusting the Digital antenna for maximum signal strength (50-65 in my case) I actually ended up losing some of the channels listed above after I “re-scanned”. That made little sense to me, and made me a little mad too. I was lucky enough to recover the lost channels after adjusting the antenna.  To my surprise, I can’t even get a faint signal from either the local CBS or NBC channels. Investing in a higher quality digital antenna may help things but that’s something that can wait.




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