DCT Factory OG-1050 PC speakers

DCT Factory OG 1050 (Black) front view

Package Includes:

  • Left and Right Channel speakers
  • 1 Subwoofer (holds the volume, on/off button)
  • 1 3.5 mm stereo cable (to connect to your computer or Portable device)

Everything connects to the subwoofer

  • Speakers connect to the line out via a single 3.5 mm cable
  • You can connect a Computer or portable audio Player via the line in plug via the second 3.5 mm cable in the box

This is a very basic and cheap PC speaker set.  The speakers are quite light and feel very hollow. The stands do provide some stability, but these can be knocked over quite easily. The sound is alright, nothing too exciting but it gets the job done. Don’t be fooled by the 600 Watt (P.M.P.O) listing on the box, because it’s just ridiculous. My main issue with the OG 1050 is that I get a buzzing static noises at completely random times. I don’t have a cell phone anywhere near these things and so I can’t really figure out what’s causing the problem.  I’ve doubled checked the audio cables. The power cable is attached to the subwoofer and it is really short, and that’s something to think about.

I’ve found this unit going for around $10-20 (US). I got it for free when helping someone get a new pc. You should  look into a better set of speakers if possible.

Update (2/20/2011): After a few  days of continuous use the left channel speaker has lost some audio loudness. This creates an unbalanced stereo sound experience.

Additional Info:
DCT Factory OG 1050 product page


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