IE 9 and ActiveX filtering

I need to make a correction for my post on Internet Explorer (IE) 9. I noted that enabling ActiveX Filtering  would disable/break flash video playback on sites such as Youtube and Hulu. So I just turned it off and dismissed it.

Disable ActiveX Filtering on a per site basis is possible

After reading Paul Thurrott’s blog post and reader comments on the issue, I found the answer I was looking for.  It turns out that when you have ActiveX filtering enabled and visit a site with blocked content, you  can disable filtering on a site by site basis. Just by clicking a specific icon (see screenshot)  found around the address bar. When you click on the icon you are prompted (see screenshot above) to turn off ActiveX Filtering (for just the site you are currently browsing).

ActiveX Filtering Enabled but Hulu works!

You can tell ActiveX Filtering is disabled on a  site when the related icon is gray.
If the icon is blue, then some ActiveX related content (on the site)  is being blocked.

Additional Info:
Paul Thurrott’s podcast
episode 200



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