Back online after a video card failure

One of my computers recently suffered a Video Card failure. It started out with Windows reporting that my video adapter failed and recovered a few times during regular usage. As time went on, my monitor started reporting “Input not supported”. This was via both DVI and DVI to VGA adapter. I knew it was the card because I had tried different DVI cables, power cables (for the monitor), and DVI to VGA adapter. The system memory was fine too. After some online research, I decided to go with one of  Nvidia’s low-end 200 series of cards.Thankfully, I had a CompUSA store nearby for my computer-related “emergency”.

I walked in, gave my greeting, browsed the video card section of the store and found a Galaxy Geforce 210. This a very low end/ low power consumption 200 series card. The computer isn’t used for serious gaming  and I am still using the OEM power-supply. So far , I can say that the 210 is a  good card for replacing a failed OEM card or onboard/motherboard solution. It doesn’t require a 6-pin PCI-Express power connector, short, single-slot. It can be purchased for $40-50 dollars. 512/1024MB of video memory is more than enough to run The Aero UI in Windows Vista/7. It supports Flash player and web browser acceleration I have it hooked up to a 20″ monitor with a resolution of 1680 x 1050 with no issues.The card features an Display port, a DVI port for digital video-only output, and a VGA port for older CRT/ low end- LCD monitors.

GPU-Z screenshot of Galaxy 210

What came in the box:

  • 1 Galaxy Geforce 210 card
  • 1 Quick Install guide
  • 1 Technical support reminder (website and phone number)
  • 1 CD with Drivers and Badaboom ( video encoding) software using nVidia Cuda technology

When Installing  installing the drivers (downloaded from Nvidia’s site)  for the video card some additional components were also installed:

  • Nvidia Cuda drivers (57.4 MB)
  • PhysX drivers (73.2 MB)
  • 3D Vision drivers (18.1 MB)
  • HD Audio drivers (3.09 MB,  for HDMI output)

I’ll definitely carry one of these as my troubleshooting card when I’m helping someone else with their computer.

Additional Info:
Galaxy Geforce 210 product page
CompUSA site



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