Bibim Men Noodle soup

Paldo Bibim Men noodles - Image from Asian food Grocer

This is a  Sweet and Spicy  noodle soup from Korea. Reminds me of  Cold Soba noodles (w/ sauce).  You prepare just like you would if you were eating  a pack of Top Ramen or Maruchan Ramen.

  • Boil water in a sauce pan
  • Open  a single pack (or how many you want)
  • Set the packet of sauce aside for later
  • Drop dry noodle “brick” into the sauce pan  (of boiling water)
  • cook for 3-4 minutes (so that the noodles soften and hydrate)

This is where it gets different…

  • Remove the noodles from the water
  • Wash in cold water (3x according to the package directions)  to cool the noodles
  • Place the cold noodles into a bowl or onto a plate.
  • Open the sauce packet and spread it over the noodles
  • Mix as needed
  • Eat

The finished product I ended up with was comparable to a sweet and spicy spaghetti? I think anyone interested in Asian food should try it at least once and form their own opinion  Even if you end up not liking it. You can still use the dry noodles for Japanese-style ramen.

Additional Info:
Asian Food grocer product page



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