Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Use: Video playback
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

This is a Video player (that can also play many popular audio file formats) . It is an updated version of the old Microsoft Media Player 6.4 ( for Windows 2000 and XP). Windows Vista and 7 are most definitely supported.  One of the main reasons why I like this app a lot is because of the following
lightweight, portable, and quite straightforward when you just want to view a video file. Even supports screenshots and DirectX Video Acceleration (for h.264, AVC, VC1, MPEG-2). Should you happen to need support for multi-audio/subtitle .MKV files. This can handle it as well. AVI, MP4 (h.264), MKV (h.264), FLV work really well with this app. MPC HC uses less than 30 MBs of HDD space. Users who have multimedia keys/buttons on their keyboard, you can use those if you wish. I’ve tried it on a few different keyboards (Logitech and Microsoft)

The only real negatives I can point out are that it has a really (really) basic playlist feature, and I am having issues  getting subtitles to show on-screen when I enable DXVA (on H.264 encoded videos and DVDs). Everything works fine when DXVA is not turned on.



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