Hoffman Estates 4th of July festival 2011-initial thoughts

The 4th of July weekend has rolled around again and that means carnival rides, food tents, games, music, a parade and fireworks. Last year I was going around trying to see everything I could from rides, games, food and entertainment, but this year I will have a more focused experience.  It at the same location as the last time

Hoffman Estates 4th of July Festival 2011
June 30th to July 4th
1900 Hassell Road (Village Hall)
Hoffman Estates, IL  60169

What I’m interested in seeing and trying are:

  • Be adventurous, and try a deep fried candy snack
  • Have funnel cake
  • HE Fire Department vehicle extraction demo
  • HE Fire Department High angle rescue demo
Sadly, there won’t be any food competitions, like last year. Tickets will be used to purchase foods  instead of “straight up” US Dollars.   I’ll be heading down there in a few hours. Hopefully, I’ll be surprised and find more things to do.

3 Comments on “Hoffman Estates 4th of July festival 2011-initial thoughts”

  1. tonyx35 says:

    I finally got to try the deep fried Snickers. I absolutely loved it! Melted snicker (peanuts, chocolate) deliciousness trapped in a “shell” of lightly crisp goodness. topped with a chocolate and caramel sauce. It definitely wasn’t as heavy as the deep fried cheesecake I had the previous day. I’m a Snickers fan. I like Twix when sharing with someone else. Melted down, I’d imagine you would only be missing the peanut flavor/ & texture from the end product.

  2. tonyx35 says:

    When I got there, I found out that I had a 3rd option. Deep fried Cheesecake. I decided to go with the “house” recommendation and got Cheesecake. I liked it, but the cheesecake filling was oddly warm, and then cold in the very middle? Taste and textures were right/good. It was my first experience with this type of food so i really can’t really say much more about it.

    I could probably only handle 1 serving per day. I’m going back on Monday July 4th to try the snickers.

  3. Nutmeg says:

    I wanna try a deep fried Twinkie… or snickers. Let me know what you get and if you like it.

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