Apps of Interest: Audacity

Use : Audio editor and recorder
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current version:  1.2.6 (stable) , 1.3.13 (beta)

Audacity for Windows

Audacity 1.2.6 on Microsoft Windows

Audacity is a freeware audio editor and recorder. It supports importing and processing of mp3, wav, ogg audio files. You can also use it as recorder, if you have microphones and/or headsets. Working on multiple tracks is possible, as seen in the screenshot above. Various effects can be applied to the audio. Fade, normalize, amplification.

The Memory usage for me was around 20 MB and the hard disk usage is just under 9 MBs v 1.2.6. Even though the Audacity website states that 1.2.6 is not supported on Windows Vista. I am able to run, process, and save/export audio files just fine. 1.3.13 (beta) is giving me a little trouble  due to compatibility issues with LAME.


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