Books- Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy…I am 20 years late

I have finally read the Star Wars  Thrawn Trilogy, 20 years after it was first published. This book trilogy consists of the following books , all written by Timothy Zahn

  • Book 1:  Heir to the Empire
  • Book 2:  Dark Force Rising
  • Book 3:  Last Command
I’ve read several other Expanded Universe  book, but I’m not  sure why I never read these books until now.  I’m so glad that I did.  Thrawn was definitely an interesting enemy. He’s  an expert tactician and strategist. He finds cloning tanks and uses them to make a clone army. He also used creatures called Ysalamir. They have the ability to create a bubble where The Force is nullified. This made for some exciting parts in the books because Luke couldn’t use his Jedi skills at certain points. Thrawn also recruits a (cloned) Jedi Master.
Another character of note that was introduced in these book was Mara Jade, The Emperor’s Hand.  A very strong female character in the Star Wars EU. Skilled smuggler, pilot,  Knowledgeable in Imperial methods and tactics.  What made this even more interesting was that Mara Jade has a strong dislike for Luke Skywalker. Due to both her opinion and Palpatine’s influence.
I now understand why Star Wars fans also seem to mention this Trilogy whenever I ask for their Expanded Universe book recommendations. I may also look into the Dark Horse comic adaptation at some point.
Additional Information: 
Amazon – Heir to the Empire  The 20th Anniversary Edition (Book 1 of 3)

2 Comments on “Books- Star Wars Thrawn Trilogy…I am 20 years late”

  1. tonyx35 says:

    That is very true. There were many moments in the trilogy where I couldn’t put the book down because Luke and Co. were in some interesting situations. I’ll be sure to check out your WP page.

  2. trumpetguru says:

    The Thrawn series was an incredible read with twists and turns in practically every chapter. Zahn really leaves you thinking “how ARE they going to get out of this??” in his novels. Feel free to check out my own novel on my wordpress page and facebook as well. I have re-written The Phantom Menace into “Episode I: Awakening” and I welcome all comments!!!

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