Wheels on Meals (1984)

Wheels on Meals (1984)
Director: Sammo Hung

This film starts out with Jackie Chan and Biao Yuen doing some stretching and martial arts training. The two friends  run a fast food business, out of a hi-tech (for the time) food tuck. More of a Van actually. Once they run into a female pickpocket, Sylvia (Lola Forner), things get complicated and some thing fun and crazy things happen.

Sammo Hung is not only the director of this film but he plays the part of a private detective that’s not too sharp.

Notable action scenes:

  • Fight with a motorbike gang
  • Car Chase  with  our heroes in their food truck where they use sauce dispensers as weapons.
  • Our Heroes’ respective fights near the end of the film

This movie features one of my favorite Jackie Chan fights ever to be caught on film. Jackie Chan fights Benny “The Jet”  Urquidez. The movie was filmed in Barcelona, which provides a refreshing change from Hong Kong locations. Sammo Hung could really move in this film

The reason why I’m posting about this now is because you can watch it on Netflix streaming service.


Additional Info:
IMDB page
Wikipedia Page


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