I may not be an Apple convert but I must pay respects to Steve.

I may not have known the man personally but I recognize the impact his products have had on me through the course of my life so far.  During  my younger school days, we used Macintosh computers for math, science and general learning activities. I have many fond memories of using the Text to speech program to read back the text I typed up.

Even though I don’t use Mac OS X too often, I still think that it’s a great looking and functioning OS whenever I had the opportunity to use it. Devices from iPod (classic) to iPod Touch and iPhone, iPad are some of the most used devices for the people around me.  Jobs’ keynotes from recent years have always been entertaining to watch.  He also gave a great speech at Stanford U several years ago.

iTunes (for Windows) and I may have the occasional fight, but I can’t deny the fact that it is a great source for purchasing music, I learned about and started listening to podcasts.

Thank You Steve Jobs,  for all the great things you worked on…

A Windows user.


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