Changes and retraining

It’s been quite a while since my last post about the Willow Creek Food Pantry. Things are going well there. Weekends are actually getting busier since my previous entry. Sunday team serves 100+ families regularly, and the team leader let us know (from his experience) that it will only get busier.

There’s always  something a little different going on with this Food pantry, a slight change in the placement of goods in the warehouse, what bags we use, to what goes into the bags. We get new volunteers while others take a little break.

One of the new things I’ve learned while here, is how to confidently load and operate a Compactor. It’s used to flatten large amounts of reusable  cardboard, which gets recycled. My ability to process empty cardboard material (boxes and trays the food stuff is shipped in)  has improved quite a bit. I continually assist in training new volunteers. I’ve even taken steps to recycle more stuff while at home.


Next week all volunteers will be going through a retraining session. Since I primarily deal with the Food part of the center perhaps I will be able to learn more about the other areas, and processes that I have had less exposure to. Not too sure.   I’ve never met any of the weekday volunteers, so  perhaps I will get that chance at this event.




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