Apps of Interest: Space Sniffer

Use: Hard Drive space usage analyzer
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Current Version:

Space Sniffer Main screen

The main reason why I’m posting about this is because it shows you what files/folder are taking the most hard drive, flash drive, or even memory card space. It also can show you folder structure thanks to how it shows sub-folders. The app is currently freeware/donationware

The app is quite simple to use…

1) Start the application

2) Choose a drive or folder location. You can also paste or type in the folder path.

3) Hit the start button and wait for your computer to finish the scan

The Screenshot above shows you what the application looks like when it has finished a scan. It shows you file names and file sizes for items inside the drive or folder you chose. One nice feature of Space sniffer is that the larger the file, the more space it takes up in the window.  You navigate the application using you computer mouse.

Space Sniffer multiple Windows

Space Sniffer actually allows you scan and display multiple paths or drives.  You can assign different color for each file type group, such as video ( mp4, AVI,)  , music (aac, mp3, ogg, flac..) You can actually add filetype groupings to the application’s listing. You can use the existing groups, edit them and even make your own.

The pre-configured groupings are:

Archives/Disc Images: zip;7zip;rar;iso
Audio/Music: mp2;mp3;wav;ogg;aif;alp;au;3gp;ac3;amr;aac;m4a;wma;aiff;flac;m4a;voc
Executables/System files: exe;dll;sys;ini;msi;log
Pictures/Images:  jpg;jpeg;gif;png;tif;tiff;nef;raw;rw2;cr2;bmp;psd
Video/ Movies: qt;mov;mpeg;mpg;mpe;m1s;mp4;avi;mts;vob;wmv;rm;3gp;mkv

The application only takes up 2 MBs of Hard drive space, no installation, and used around 6 MBs in RAM usage during my testing.



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