Repairing a Pentium 4 Windows PC… again

I was given another chance to work on an old Intel Pentium 4 Powered computer. It’s an HP Pavilion a630n. I had to use the HP-created recovery CDs to get the system back to “Factory Defaults”. It took a set of 7-CDs to do this. The result was Windows XP Home Edtion 32-bit w/ SP1 and almost every device driver installed. The only one missing was the for the 56k modem card. Thankfully, HP has the drivers online. The restore CDs also installed some very old software, This is a computer initially released back in 2004.

What software was HP loading on these computers back in 2004?

(Apple) iTunes 4
(Apple) Quicktime 6.4
Java Runtime 1.4.2
Real Player Real One (version 2)
Quicken 2004
WinDVD 4
Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 6
Microsoft Office 2003 trialware
Norton Anti-virus 2004 trialware
Wild Tangent game bundle
America On Line (AOL) was on version 9
Internet Explorer was still version 6.0
Windows Media Player was 7.0


I immediately uninstalled all of that and installed the most current versions…
Windows XP Service Pack 3
Avast Anti-Virus  6 Free (online registration needed)
iTunes 10.5.2
Java Runtime  1.7
Adobe Reader X (10.1)
Windows Media Player 11
VLC Player 1.1
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 ( latest version that Windows XP supports)
Mozilla Firefox 8
Adobe Flash Player 11
Microsoft Silverlight 5


The Processor fan for these Prescott Pentium 4 processors can get pretty loud. It would rev up during the OS recovery process and during the Full system virus scan.  With only a few more updates and tests to do to the OS, I’ll be able to hand this back to the user before Christmas.


Additional Info:

HP Pavilion a630n product/support page


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