Thoughts on WordPress: Year 2

I’ve been on the  system for 2 years now. I would have never guessed that my most viewed post would be about a fan project/remake of a video game from the 1990s.  This year I’ve had quite a few blogging high points:

-Hitting above 8000 views
-Posting my 50th VGM (Video Game Music)  Entry
– Receiving more comments, likes, and “link backs”
-Getting used to embedding “Google Maps” for my (food entries)
– Sticking to my 5 posts per month minimum
– Better at using tags
– Adding more links to the “blogroll” sidebar and posts in general
-Turning on the various share buttons ( was late in realizing some of them were there)

I have a far better respect for those who do this professionally.  I would find it difficult to do daily posts. My spell checking and grammar could use some improvement, but I hope readers can still understand the general idea behind the entries I post on here.  I also need to credit (link to) my a sources better (images, information).

I’m still having fun on here (WordPress system)  and will definitely continue to posting to this Blog.


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