Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses

This is a reminder for fans of Legend of Zelda music. The Concert tour seems to be back on.

Here’s a sample from last year.

The song is Hyrule Castle Theme from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past  for the Super Nintendo/ Super Famicom systems. The sound quality is definitely much better in person.

I’m really glad that Nintendo decided to keep the Concert Tour going this year. There’s more than enough material to perform.  The title of the tour changed  to Symphony of the Goddesses. It was called 25th Anniversary Symphony last year.

There are new concert dates for 2012

January 10 – Dallas, Texas (Sold Out)
March 14 – Vancouver, British Columbia
March 26 – Seattle, Washington
March 28 – San Francisco, California
April 7 – Denver, Colorado
April 20 – Phoenix, Arizona
April 21 – Phoenix, Arizona
May 12 – Atlanta, Georgia
May 31 – Montreal, Quebec
June 22 – Austin, Texas
July 14 – Orlando Florida
September 29 – Toronto, Ontario

More info about venues, start times and tickets can be found through the link above.

Additional Info:
Official Website  (image source)


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