Dreamscape (1984)

Dreamscape (1984)
Director: Joseph Ruben

The movie stars Dennis Quaid,  as a gifted Psychic. Who gets recruited to work on a government-funded project, that applies psychic abilities to dreams. Dennis Quaid’s character starts off on simple dream link  tests. He helps a young boy named Buddy, who has been having nightmares of a Snake-man. Working together with Buddy, they are able to overcome the nightmare creature.

Dennis Quaid’s character becomes skilled enough in the art of dream linking, that he is able to  jump into another person’s dream without the aid of the dream machine. The “Director of covert-OPs” became aware of this and gives Quaid’s character an the ultimatum of “Join me  or die”.  After a long chase sequence we have a Psychic vs Psychic dream showdown.

Additional Info:
IMDB page
Wikipedia Entry 


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