The Captains (2011)

The Captains (2011)
Director: William Shatner

This was quite the eye opener. William Shattner interviews the other main “Captains” from the various Star Trek series and even Chris Pine of the 2009 movie.

  • Patrick Stewart – Jean Luc Picard (The Next Generation)
  • Avery Brooks – Benjamin Sisko (Deep Space Nine)
  • Kate Mulgrew – Kathryn Janeway ( Star Trek Voyager)
  • Scott Bakula – Jonathan Archer  (Star Trek: Enterprise)
  •  Chris Pine – Star Trek (2009 movie)

They discuss things such as previous knowledge about Star Trek, Experiences filming their respective projects, life after Star Trek. Fans and conventions. The moments between William Shatner and (Sir) Patrick Stewart  were quite interesting. At one point William Shatner is sitting in a box waiting for one of the other Actors to arrive.

The documentary is currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon VOD or on physical disc.
Additional Info:

Wikipedia page
IMDB page
Netflix page 


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