Not Pocky: Meiji Lucky Stick

Meiji Seika's take on "Pocky".

This is the first time that I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting Meiji Seika’s Lucky sticks. I’m actually more familiar with their chocolate bars and the snack called Yan-Yan.

Each box comes with 1 packet of sticks. The Sticks are a lot thicker than a regular Pocky stick. I found 1 box of Lucky for around $0.99 US while on the Pocky end, a  2-pack of chocolate or strawberry  can be found at the same store for $1.79 US. As as flavors go, Lucky has a more defined biscuit flavor with each bite. I enjoyed both flavors just as much as the competition.

After reading the back of the box, These were made and packed in Indonesia under license from Japan. I wonder how different the flavors would be if it came directly from Japan.

As a long time fan of Glico’s Pocky, I can still see the advantage of a 2-pack box with smaller sized sticks. If Lucky was the only one I could find on the shelves of my local Asian grocery, I wouldn’t hesitate buying them.


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