The Spy Next Door (2010)

The Spy Next Door ( 2010)
Director: Brian Levant

So I decided to finally take the time to see this film.  Take Jackie Chan and put him in a “Spy Kids” inspired movie complete with gadgets and a wacky evil organization. The director of this movie also directed Jingle all the way.

This movie is really more family oriented than Jackie Chan’s other films.  Chan’s character (Bob Ho) is in a serious relationship with his neighbor who is a single mother of three children.   The children don’t like Bob too much but he tires to  make it right by volunteering to babysit the children for a few days.  With a little help from his hi-tech gear he’s able to  effectively manage the day-to-day activities of all three children. Bonds  start to form between Bob and the kids.

The kids get caught up in Bob’s spy work life  when the bad guys track down and try to recover some data Bob had taken from them. The bad guy and his group are there for chuckles as much as a danger for Bob and the kids.

Jackie Chan sings, babysits, uses tech, and does the usual action-comedy  sequences, you would expect from him.  I enjoyed this film more than The Tuxedo.

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