Blood: The last vampire (2009)

Blood: The last vampire ( 2009)
Director: Chris Nahon

This film has the South Korean actress Jeon Ji-hyun (credited as Gianna Jun) as Saya the chiroptera-demon slayer. Some of you might know her from her other works: My Sassy Girl and Il-mare. I thought she did a fine job as Saya. The story takes parts from the Anime film  ( US base, school) and adds some Hong-Kong flair.

The action sequences were alright, nothing great.  The “Hong Kong”-style action  section of this film was really odd.

The special effects of this film are on the low side. The way they decided to approach the blood in the movie was over the top and the few times we see a fully transformed cg-chiroptera were so disappointing .

I was really hoping for something good for the final battle of the movie but it was a let down.
If you’re a fan of the Anime film from 2000, you’ve already seen the better adaptation.

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