Thoughts on Ultimate Spider-Man TV, 9 episodes in…

9 episodes have aired on the Disney XD (US) cable channel so far and while I like the animation and art style (most of the time), and voice work they do like to use the cutaway and super deformed character forms a lot.  This show really feels like the Teen Titans animated show or a modern, and more comedic take on Spider-Man and his Amazing friends . 

There was one episode where they repeated a Spidey with a jetpack cutaway quite a few times.

The episode I enjoyed the most happens to be Episode 7, Exclusive. An episode where Spider-Man “teams up” with the Incredible hulk, while Mary Jane Watson records the action with her handheld video camera.


Episode 6 alright as well.

Other noteworthy marvel characters that  have made an appearance…
Doctor Doom, Iron Man, Thor, and Venom

New episodes (starting with episode 10) will air  Sunday June 17, 2012 on Disney XD, here in the US.

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